"If you can DREAM it, you can DO it." —Walt Disney

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Mr. Peter Ewaida

Mrs. Katie Choi (Monday & Tuesday)

Clipart Counseling Psychologist

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School Counseling weekly lessons: 

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As we are all learning from home, we wanted to provide your student(s) with the best education. At the start of each week on 
Monday, school counseling lessons will be posted in the following sections listed below. Please note, these are optional lessons.

*Did you miss any lessons? No worries, please see the 'lesson plans' link on the left-hand side for past lessons. 

High Tech Lessons:

Limited Tech Lessons: 

  • Lesson Grades 3-5: Watch the videos and learn take career interest survey to learn about your future career! 


No Tech Lessons: See Weekly Email 

All Grade Levels: 

If you could time travel to the future what career would you have? 


 What would your life look like when you are working? What would you do or be?  


Career is best described as your future profession that you will work in for long period in life. For example, may you want to become doctor, fire fighter, mechanic, engineer, police officer, and veterinarian or join the military 


Draw a picture or write about what you will do in the future!  








Belmont Student Schedule 

Reading- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Art- 45 Minutes 



Writing- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Music / Strings 45 Minutes 



Math- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Library -45 Minutes 



Science- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Guidance - 45 Minutes 



Social Studies- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

STEM - 45 Minutes