Dear Belmont Families,

Do you know how to cope? Coping strategies or skills helps us understand our emotions, such as frustration, anger, sadness, loneliness, fear, and nervousness. All of these strong emotions or feelings are a part of who we are and as long as we deal with our emotions in a healthy way, we’ll better understand ourselves and others. Coping Resources!

 I want our Belmont families to focus on three areas for healthy coping: physical (practice social distancing and go on walks, exercise, etc.), emotional (i.e., what emotions I'm feeling in this moment), and our mental health (i.e., are my thoughts about who I am positive or am I overwhelmed with self-defeating thoughts?). Let's cope together!

Weekly Update Smore News Letter March 30th

 Counseling News UpdatesCounseling News Updates.

Many educational companies are offering free resources to help your children while at home. Please see the attachment with links to these free resources. 

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