Ms. Alex
I am Ms. Alex and I teach visual art at Belmont Elementary School. Ever since I was a kid I was noticing art all around me: in nature, in buildings in faces of the people. I was fascinated by the people that were able to copy that in the best way they can and inspire others to do the same. So I became an artist. Later in life I found out that art has more callings than just to inspire copying. Art has a calling to enrich our lives, a voice to educate, to speak where words don't matter, the voice to make a change in people's minds and lives. For that I went to art schools to study that at Pricarpathian University in Ukraine and then at Fontbone University in US. I have been teaching and making my art since.
I hope to be the voice of art for your children so that they can use it themselves and pass it further along. Let the exciting journey begin!