Updated: June 14th, 2020

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Below are links for you to keep working on your math, reading, writing, science, and social studies skills. Feel free to print out any of the choice boards to cross off as you go!

Summer Learning Opportunities: 


Linked below is the county created math activities. This document includes links to helpful websites to explore, a web, and several calendars with activities for each day. Each document comes in English and Spanish. 

County Created Math Summer Learning

You may also use Dreambox to practice your math skills over the summer: 
Classroom Code: 28764


Linked below is a document full of reading programs for your student to participate in this summer. This document includes the county’s reading program, a Chuck E. Cheese reading program and many more!  

Summer Reading Programs 

Linked below are reading and writing activity choice boards for your child to work on during June, July and August:  

June Choice Board  

July Choice Board 

August Choice Board  

You may also use Reading Eggs, Reading A-Z, or Reading Bears to practice your reading/writing skills! 

Reading Eggs 

Reading Bear (Phonics Practice) 

Phonics Games!-Use the search bar to find fun activities

Science/Social Studies: 

Please use these links below to continue learning about Science over the summer: 

Smithsonian Fun For Kids 



National Zoo Animal Cameras 

National Aquarium 

Washington DC Virtual 

Belmont Student Schedule 

Reading- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Art- 45 Minutes 



Writing- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Music / Strings 45 Minutes 



Math- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Library -45 Minutes 



Science- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Guidance - 45 Minutes 



Social Studies- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

STEM - 45 Minutes