Zolldan's Fourth Grade Class
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  June 11th, 2020

Summer Resources

Dear Fourth Graders and Fourth Grade Families,
Thank you for all of your hard work and amazing ability to adapt to distance learning. I am very proud of you and all of our hard work! Please know that I loved having all of you in my class. I know this year did not go as planned but I loved every minute of it. In the spirit of helping you maintain what we have learned so far this school year, below are some resources for summer learning. Have a wonderful summer!

~Mrs. Zolldan

Summer Math Activities and Calendar Entering Grade 5 2020-2021 Eng-Span

2020 Summer Reading Choice Boards (Entering Fifth)

Community Summer Reading Programs 2020

Summer Science Resource

Belmont Student Schedule 

Reading- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Art- 45 Minutes 



Writing- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Music / Strings 45 Minutes 



Math- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Library -45 Minutes 



Science- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Guidance - 45 Minutes 



Social Studies- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

STEM - 45 Minutes