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Daily activities:  

Every day, you should read for 20 minutes and do math for 20 minutes! You have access to ALL of the programs we used in school this year including:  

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Summer Reading Ideas 



Summer Writing Ideas 


  • squares (this was how we did our homework this year; author, setting, characters, plot) – Make sure you are writing about what you are reading! 

  • Keep a diary for each day ....1 or 2 sentences...examples: what you ate, what games you played, who you saw, what time you woke up, the weather, etc. 

  • Write a story or how to guide about something that interests you: video games, soccer, making a sandwich/cooking, playing outside, your pets. 


Summer Math 



Other Resources:  




  1. Watch the video How to Make a Squishy Egg. When you finish watching the video, you will use  this worksheet to write down the steps on how to make a squishy egg. If you can, make your own squishy egg! 

  1. Read the book Wash Your Hands. When you finish reading the bookcomplete this worksheet.. 

  1. Baby Sloths! Do you know what a sloth is? Sloths are the slowest moving animals on earth. Sloths live in rainforests. Watch this video about baby sloths. When you have finished watching the video, complete this worksheet. 

  1. Super sentences! Click here to practice creating your own super sentences. 

  1. Which One Doesn’t Belong?  You get to decide which picture is different and doesn’t belong with the rest of the pictures. Be sure you list your reasons why you chose that picture! 

  1. Who invented the automobile? Read and listen to the story on Unite for Literacy and then answer the questions. 

  1. Ocean Animals. Read, watch, and learn all about bottlenose dolphins and narwhals. Then, describe how they are the same and how they are different (compare and contrast). 

  1. Remember a fun time! Think about a time when you had a lot of fun. You will draw and write about it. 

  1.  What is happening in this picture?! You will create a story based on the picture of the man riding a chicken. Be creative and make it as funny as you can! 

  1. Just for fun! Personality Quizzes! Discover which cute animal, Greek god, and explorer you are—and more! It’s OK if your result doesn’t fit your personality—this is just for fun. 




teacher name : mmartz1



Classroom code:  61521


Guidance Information  

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Belmont Student Schedule 

Reading- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Art- 45 Minutes 



Writing- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Music / Strings 45 Minutes 



Math- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Library -45 Minutes 



Science- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

Guidance - 45 Minutes 



Social Studies- 60 Minutes 

PE- 15 Minutes 

STEM - 45 Minutes