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Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs Link

Unite for Literacy

This website is full of books that your child can either read or have read to them! There are all kinds of fun, informative mini books. Use this website when you are looking for something fun for your child to do.

Unite for Literacy Link

Jack Hartman and Jan Richardson Sight words Videos

These videos are super fun and educational! You can sing and dance along while practicing your sight words. 

Sight Words Videos


Read every day!

Reading every day for 20 minutes will increase your child’s knowledge and ability as they grow. Having your child read to you or reading to your child in ANY language is so important. Make this a nightly activity with your child, they will gain so much from it.





DreamBox Link

As always, please continue to log into DreamBox at least once a week for at-least 15-20 minutes. If you do not already have the classroom code to login, please message your child's Kindergarten teacher for that information. The skills and activities DreamBox use are meant to push your child to think abstractly about math concepts. These math concepts are used throughout elementary school in addition and subtraction. 

Tumble math books:

Tumble Math Books Link

Reading for 20 minutes doesn’t need to be just fiction and non-fiction! Tumble math books offer a wide variety of books written to enhance almost any math concept you can think of! Just select one of the topics at the top of the page and choose from many books about the topic. We recommend sticking to the topics of addition, subtraction, word problems, fractions, graphing and time/temperature. 


Math Investigations Games: 

Math Investigations Link

Math investigation games are very user friendly and summarize many topics taught throughout the school year. Simply, choose your grade level on the red side bar on the left, and select your level on the tool bar at the top! We recommend you start with level 1 (the yellow hexagons) and work your way to level 8. The activities build off of each other and are slightly more challenging as the levels increase.