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PWCS is excited to announce our new online payment system! In an effort to reduce time, money and paper waste, parents can pay their children's school fees through a secure online website that is accessed through the following website:

If you are a parent who has multiple children at multiple schools, they will all appear together under your online payment parent account. With a few simple mouse clicks, parents can view assessed fees, any outstanding balances, and pay for all of their children in a single transaction.

Payments can be made by Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, and MasterCard Debit.

• For inquiries about account setup and using the system, please email: • For general information about fees, please contact your child's school. As a PWCS parent, you have the option to pay a number of mandatory and elective school fees online.

Our fee management and online payment system is an easy and secure way to pay school fees from the comfort of your home or office. The PWCS online payment system allows you to pay for:
• Tuition
• Transcript Requests
• Instrument Rental
• Driver Education - Behind the Wheel
• Summer School Programs
• Activity Fees
• Library Fines
• Field Trip Fees
• And many more!

You can use the PWCS online payment system to:
• Pay selected school fees
• Make fee payments for all students in your family at one time
• View your payment history
• View and complete online forms
• View all your upcoming fee payments in one place
• Print payment receipts
• Print Student Account Statements

Advantages to using the PWCS online payment system:
• Accepts credit card or debit card
• Provides a convenient and secure transaction
• Available 24 hours a day
• Convenience of paying multiple fees in one place
• Accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection
• Saves school office staff the time of manually keying payments into accounting and student fee information systems
• Streamlines fee management and collection processes for parents and the district
• Provides better fee reporting at the school and district level

Below is a link to the instructions to create an account and make a payment.
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